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Wellness Retreats & Experiences

We offer 2-to-7-day wellness retreats with both educational and personalized programs designed to help achieve optimal well-being. (*Rate from 95,000 FCFA per person)

Romantic Escape: 2 to 7 days

Our wellness programs for couples aim to balance mental and physical well-being using spa treatments and fitness. These are designed to encourage, inspire and reconnect couples or best friends. Enlightenment through hands-on experience can be incorporated into their daily wellness routine when they return home. Couple’s packages include daily cardio, yoga, and meditation sessions. Retreat packages also include accommodation, a daily breakfast, a welcome drink, and a one-hour massage. Add another activity, spa treatment or private coaching session at a reduced priced.

Family Escape: 2 to 7 days

Our family retreats aim to give future generations the means to live a happy and healthy life. Parents and children can participate in daily fitness activities, yoga classes and sightseeing to improve their relationship and take a break from their daily routine. They can reconnect and be inspired to live a happier and healthier life together. Parents can relax at the spa, while children participate in an educational activity of their choice. The family retreat package also includes accommodations, a daily breakfast and a welcome drink. Add our childcare service, a guided hike, a team building activity at a reduced price.

Business Escape: 2-5 days

Help your team release tensions, learn stress management techniques and recharge with our corporate wellness retreats. Imagine an oasis where they can attend fitness classes and practice yoga and meditation on the beach alongside their colleagues.  They will learn mind management techniques that they can bring back to the office and build camaraderie through team building activities. To top it all off, they will be energized with delicious shared meals that will strengthen their community every night. The retreat package also includes accommodations and welcome drinks. Add another activity at a reduced price.

Ladies Escape: 2 to 7 days

Let Escape Villa help you become more connected to your loved ones. Create a balanced life and enjoy a daily program of wellness activities, such as yoga, meditation, fitness, team building activities, massages, and body treatments. Enjoy our delicious cocktails and snacks. The choices are endless and tailored to your needs. Retreat packages also include accommodations, a daily breakfast, and a welcome cocktail. Add another activity at a reduced price.

Detox Retreat: 3 days

This program is designed to eliminate toxins, improve the digestive system, strengthen the immune system, clarify thoughts and restore peace of mind. This program uses non-invasive yogic cleansing techniques and helps the body detoxify in a safe and controlled way. It will be combined with fitness, massages and meditation. The benefits are a better circulation of blood and lymphatic systems, a higher level of energy, greater clarity and a calmer mind through a healthy diet. The retirement package also includes accommodations, a daily breakfast and a welcome drink.

Day Escape: 1 day

Treat yourself to this one-day retreat package that includes a morning yoga session, delicious brunch and a 60-minute massage. Supplements will be offered, as well as discounts on additional spa treatments.

Kids Escape: 1 day

Designed for girls and boys aged 6 to 16. This “movement and mindfulness” outdoor summer camp helps children strengthen and lengthen the main muscle groups through yoga, fitness and an introduction to surfing. The package includes a healthy lunch and snack.

Additional Activities & Services

Cooking class, Sushi rolling, Cocktail crafting, Guided hike, Sightseeing, Child Care, Personal training

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